Getting Started with Andee

STEP 1 : Arduino board and Annikken Andee

STEP 2 : Download the Andee Library into the Arduino IDE

Users who are New to Arduino need to download the Arduino IDE. 

Click Here to Download Arduino IDE

Download and install Andee Library onto your computer.

Click Here to Download Andee Library  

STEP 3 : Unzip the files into the Arduino libraries folder

To install, proceed to unzip the files.
Open the folder "Andee" and place it into the Arduino libraries folder.

For Windows users:

The libraries folder can be found in: "C:Users<username>DocumentsArduinoLibraries" or "C:Program Files (x86)Arduinolibraries"

For Mac OS X users:

The libraries folder can be found in:  "~DocumentsArduinoLibraries"


STEP 4 : Lessons to Get Started

Once you have successfully installed the Andee Library in the Arduino IDE, go to Arduino IDE -> File -> Examples -> Andee.

This library contains more than 33 example lessons, 4 iOS Demos and 3 sample projects to teach you how to do cool things with the Annikken Andee and your smartphone!

You can also refer to our Resource Section for the complete online lesson package!


STEP 5 : Download the Andee App

You will need to install our mobile app on your iOS and Android devices.


Always use the latest firmware

If you purchased the Annikken Andee before 26 December 2013, please update your firmware.

Click here for instructions on how to update your firmware.