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Annikken Andee is the gateway to connect to the widely popular Arduino platform for Smartphones and Tablets. Learn how to code and create a Dashboard / Graphical User Interface (GUI) on both iOS and Android platforms without mobile app programming.

By combining the power of both smartphone and Arduino's platform, you can create exciting and creative DIY electronic Arduino projects that you have never thought possible before.

Build it with Arduino, Pair it with Annikken Andee.

What is Annikken Andee?

The Annikken Solution is made up of Annikken Andee or Arduino 101 board that has a bluetooth module to transmit packets of data between the Arduino and your smart devices.  Launch the Annikken mobile app to view your dashboard with custom widgets.

How to use Annikken Andee?

• You can control your Arduino with your smartphones, tablets and even with     the Apple watch.

• Annikken Andee can help you incorporate your Android / iOS devices into your Arduino project with few lines of code, great for prototyping projects.

• The GUI on the dashboard is customizable through the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

• Add Andee library or Andee 101 for Arduino to write sketches to create displays or controls on our mobile app via Annikken Andee or Arduino 101.

• Personalize by changing the colour of the button, the words in the text box or the position of the icon.

• Purchase the Annikken Andee mobile app  for US$9.99 to use Arduino 101. Connect with Arduino 101 with no additional hardware.

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Guide to Using the Andee UI Maker

The Andee UI Maker allows a user to design their GUI visually instead of typing out the codes. This helps the user to visualise the design of their UI. The UI maker only works on the Apple iPad at the moment. A step by step guide on how to use the UI Maker and an example sketch will be shown below.

In this example, you will need

  • Arduino Board
  • Annikken Andee U or Andee iOS
  • iPad
  • MicroSD card

Download UI Maker Guide


Users upload their sketch (containing UI information) from the Arduino IDE to the Andee board. Once the Annikken Andee App is connected to the board, the board will relay the UI information to the app and the appropriate UI will be displayed on the dashboard. Users do not need prior iOS or Android programming knowledge to achieve this result

Annikken Andee Mobile App

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