Downloads – Annikken Andee iOS

Annikken Andee iOS
( Works with iOS )

Download and install Andee Library onto your computer.

Download Andee Library     -  Build 31.1 (10 January 2017)

To install, copy the unzip the files into the Arduino libraries folder.

For Windows users:
The libraries folder can be found in: "C:Users<username>DocumentsArduinoLibraries" or 

"C:Program Files (x86)Arduinolibraries"

For Mac OS X users:
The libraries folder can be found in:  "~DocumentsArduinoLibraries"

Download Annikken Andee mobile app from Apple App Store

For Annikken Andee (iOS), the latest firmware is Version 2.5

Update Andee iOS Firmware

How to Check Andee Firmware Version Click Here

iOS Device Operating System:
iOS 8.2 or later
Apple Watch OS 2.0


Annikken Andee U  - AIO
( Works with iOS / Android )

Click here for Andee U