Downloads – Annikken Andee iOS

Annikken Andee iOS
( Works with iOS )

Download and install Andee Library onto your computer.

Download Andee Library     - Build 32.0 ( 23 Jan 2017 )

To install, copy the unzip the files into the Arduino libraries folder.

For Windows users:
The libraries folder can be found in: "C:Users<username>DocumentsArduinoLibraries" or 

"C:Program Files (x86)Arduinolibraries"

For Mac OS X users:
The libraries folder can be found in:  "~DocumentsArduinoLibraries"

Download Annikken Andee mobile app from Apple App Store

For Annikken Andee (iOS), the latest firmware is Version 2.51 ( 23 Jan 2017 )

Update Andee iOS Firmware

How to Check Andee Firmware Version Click Here

iOS Device Operating System:
iOS 8.2 or later
Apple Watch OS 2.0

Annikken Andee U  - AIO
( Works with iOS / Android )

Click here for Andee U