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Annikken Andee for Android  - AIO
( Works with Android )

What is Annikken Andee for Android?
The  second version of the popular Annikken Andee for Android. The original board was successful funded on Indiegogo in 2013. The board is updated with extra I/O pins for hardware controls and micro SD card reader.

- Micro SD Card
- 1.27mm pitch jumper slot for easy change of SPI chip select pin
- 5V pin (beside 3.3V pin) is now connected to 5V (ICSP).
- Shorter header pins for connection with Arduino, giving a flatter height profile
- Extra 8 digital IO pins
- Free Andee Library for Arduino IDE
- Free Annikken Andee mobile App

Technical Specifications:
Dimensions: 6.8cm (L) x 5.3cm (B) x 1.9cm (H)
Weight: 23 grams

Compatibility with following boards:
Arduino Uno
Arduino Leonardo
Arduino Mega
Arduino Due

Wired connection to Arduino (or other boards) via SPI.

Wireless connection to Android devices via Bluetooth 2.1, using BlueGiga WT11-A module

Android Device Operating System:
Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) 

Annikken Andee for Android  - AIO 
( Works with Android )



Annikken Andee U  - AIO
( Works with iOS / Android )